Outdoor Adventure Friends

Essex County Greenbelt Association, The Greenbelt is a member supported nonprofit land trust that has conserved over 13,000 acres of land in Essex County. Greenbelt works with local communities and landowners to acquire and protect ecological areas, farmland and scenic vistas. One of our major goals is the creation of "greenbelts" consisting of river, trail, and other natural corridors, coastal systems and visually intact landscapes. Click on the Greenbelt Association above for links to all Cape Ann Greenbelt properties and maps.

The Trustees of Reservations, "The Trustees of Reservations preserves, for public use and enjoyment, properties of exceptional scenic, historic, and ecological value in Massachusetts." Click the Trustees of Reservations above for links to all Cape Ann Trustees properties and maps.

Department of Conservation and Recreation, The DCR is steward of one of the largest state parks systems in the country. Its 450,000 acres is made up of forests, parks, greenways, historic sites and landscapes, seashores, lakes, ponds, reservoirs and watersheds. Click the Department link above for links to all Cape Ann DCR properties and maps.

Cape Ann Whale Watch, Cape Ann Whale Watch was founded by Captain Fred Douglass in 1979. Fred was the pioneer of whale watching in the north of Boston area, and it all began on his small but popular sightseeing tour boat. The company is now owned and operated by son Captain Jim Douglass and his partner Captain Nick Danikas. Cape Ann Whale Watch is a family run business. Cape Ann is the area’s most popular whale watch, and has carried more than half a million passengers to view the whales of Stellwagen Bank. Only our passengers enjoy the unique speed and comfort of the “Hurricane II”, the largest, fastest whale watch vessel in Gloucester. We pride ourselves on providing our passengers with the best possible whale watching experience, and look forward to seeing you aboard this season.

Art Friends

seARTS, A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (seARTS) aspires to re-establish Cape Ann as a world-class center for working artists—in balance with the unique character of Cape Ann as a maritime community. seARTS includes individual artists -- painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic artists, performance artists, creative writers, architects, craftsmen, musicians, dancers, actors, directors, film makers -- and individuals and organizations that support the arts. Through association with seARTS, members build community and economic ties to strengthen the cultural economy of Gloucester and Cape Ann. seARTS works with City agencies, businesses, art lovers, and other arts and cultural groups.

Art Harbor, Art Harbor of Cape Ann is a dedicated group of parents and artisans working together to establish a community anchored in the performing and fine arts. Our mission is to promote access, education and excellence in the arts in order to improve the quality of life for all residents of Cape Ann and to contribute to the economic vitality of our community. We are a non-profit, community based organization supporting local artists and offering children's classes and camps in the visual and performing arts. Please click on the above link for more information.

Art Haven, Cape Ann Art Haven is a community space where artists of all ages and abilities are encouraged to develop creativity and confidence through hands on learning and collaboration.

You Are What You Eat!

Cape Ann Farmers Market, The Cape Ann Farmers Market provides consumers with fresh, nutrient rich food produced with environmentally benign methods and delivered with a smaller carbon footprint. Buying from local producers keeps food dollars in the local economy. The market includes music, work by local artists, educational booths, children’s activities, and cooking demonstrations that create a festive community building atmosphere. Thursdays, July 2nd through October 8th, 3:30pm to 6:30pm at Harbor Loop Gloucester!

Farmer Dave's Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between a farm and a community of responsible consumers. It puts consumers in a direct relationship with the production of their food. There are no unknown middlemen. You, the consumer, are searching for a good, healthy product at a good price. The farmer is seeking the financial benefit of offering their product direct to the consumer. The farmer also benefits by receiving payments when he needs them most to buy seeds and supplies to produce the food. This reduces the interest costs of loans to begin the season. The consumer is known as a “shareholder” as they are in essence a holder of a share of the harvest. They have bought “shares” in the year’s planting. Their dividends are their weekly produce “shares” which may vary depending on the weather of that growing season. All of the vegetables that come in your CSA shares are grown locally, connected to the local agricultural cycle and eating what is in season. Your produce is travelling far less than grocery store produce that travels an average of 1500 miles decreasing carbon footprint. Farmer Dave provides many jobs and recycles money by purchasing supplies from local businesses. Over the past 10 years Farmer Dave has donated well over 100,000 pounds of produce to area food banks and pantries including The Open Door, Merrimack Valley Food Bank, Catholic Charities Food Pantry of the Merrimack Valley, and Lazarus House of Lawrence. To buy the same quality product received in the CSA, you would have to spend 20-50% more money than the cost of the share. Gloucester CSA members pick up their shares on Monday afternoons. between 3:30 and 6:30 at the Lanesville Community Center, 8 Vulcan Street. Distribution is from June 29 - November 9. For those who sign up for it, the fruit share will begin mid-August.

Cape Ann Fresh Catch, Community Supported Fishery (CSF), Community Supported Fishery, similar to CSA but for seafood. Receive a weekly delivery of fresh seafood in the summer while directly supporting the fishermen who provide the catch. CSFs provide shareholders with fresh, quality fish, and also serve to reduce overfishing of specific species by providing reliable income for fishermen. A CSF reconnects people to the ocean that sustains them and builds a rewarding relationship between fishermen and shareholders. Cape Ann Fresh Catch delivers fresh, locally caught, in-season seafood. In traditional markets fishermen are forced to chase whatever species is fetching the highest price that week. By taking whatever they happen to be catching at the same price week-to-week (about $3/lb), fishermen are able to fish area that are not stressed by the rest of the fleet, and give species and ecosystems time to recover and replenish. This cooperative system also keeps fishermen safer because they don't have to fight the weather to go offshore for a certain species; if the weather is dangerous, they can stay close to shore and catch only what the CSF needs that week. At the same time, shareholders are guaranteed the freshest, highest quality fish caught. The fish caught for the CSF will never be old or frozen, and it will always come from fishermen who believe in working with the ocean and the community.

Moraine Farm CSA, When Frederick Law Olmsted designed Moraine Farm, he didn't plot out an adventure-based ropes course. Or make room for schoolchildren to roam. Or think about the best routes for community members stopping by to pick up boxes of fresh produce. But these are exactly the activities that have begun breathing new life into the historic Beverly farm, thanks to a groundbreaking partnership between The Trustees, Project Adventure, and the Cape Ann Waldorf School – and thanks to the generosity and foresight of the family that has owned the land since the late 1920s.

I like the way you think!

Gloucester Community Arts Charter School, Gloucester Community Arts Charter School (GCA) is a K-8 public school that uses the arts and community life to energize the learning of its students. Our graduates are academically accomplished, intellectually curious, civically engaged, and prepared to succeed in higher education and actively contribute to the Gloucester community.

Cape Ann Waldorf School, A Waldorf education provides a holistic approach that meets children at every stage of their intellectual, social-emotional, and physical development. The school is located on a beautiful new campus at Moraine Farm in North Beverly, Massachusetts (for directions, click here). If you have questions or would like to schedule a visit to the school, please call Admissions Director Kelly Hiselman at 978-927-1936.